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Cheng Ba Gua Zhang


Earth Ocean Martial Arts 'EOMA'





Cheng Ba Gua Zhang 程八卦掌
pronounced 'chung baa gwa jang'

Ba Gua Zhang, Pa Kua Chang or 8 diagram palm/boxing
is one of China's three main internal martial arts.

Myself at Dong Hai Chuan's tomb

Named after the mystic Eight Diagrams (Ba Gua), an ancient system of divination,
Baguazhang is a martial art that employs subtle movement, explosive power and a unique form of manoeuvring. Unlike many other martial art systems, Baguazhang uses the palms rather than the fists. Its attacks and defences are based on remarkable circular stepping method called Tangnibu or "mud wading steps" in which the performer uses few kicks but rather, twists, turns and changes directions, constantly seeking a strategic advantage.

But Baguazhang is more than just a martial art. Its elegant and balletic yet powerful forms build strength, coordination and flexibility, while its traditional postures and exercises enhance Nei Gong (inner strength)
(Quote taken from Mr Liu Jing Ru & Mr C.S. Tang's book - dragon stretches its claws)

Earth Ocean Martial Arts 'EOMA'
pronounced 'e-o-ma'


This style encompasses training techniques/skills from Tae Kwon Do,
Muay Thai/Chinese Kickboxing, Karate and Shanxi style Xing Yi Quan 形意拳-
Form Intention Boxing (one of the three main Chinese internal martial arts).

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