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Mr. Mark Williams
December 2017, 1st Dan Black belt EOMA

Mr. Wayne Ley


In 1987 I remember watching a martial arts film one night when I was just 9 years old, and I said to my mum & dad, I want to do that! So I went along to the Barnstaple Leisure centre and joined up with Mr. Peter Hill learning Wado Ryu karate, I managed to get my 'Yellow belt' in 1988.
When I turned 11 years old I trained in a Kung Fu style called Lau Gar with Mr. Chef Prince. I studied with him for 3 years.
In 1996 I started Freestyle Tae Kwon Do gaining my Black Belt in 2001.

In May 2001 I then started training with Andy Coles in what became Earth Ocean Martial Arts and have been their ever since.

I've also completed a Basic body guard course, held a SIA licence in security, I am First Aid trained, and have an up to date CRB enhanced disclosure certificate (DBS).

April 2013, I was certified by Mr.Andy Coles to be an instructor of Earth Ocean Martial Arts.
June 2013, 1st Dan Black Belt of Earth Ocean Martial arts. 
December 2017, 2nd Dan in EOMA

Guest Black Belt Examiner

Mr. Ian Godfrey

December 2017, accredited honorary Black Belt Examiner





INSTRUCTORS of Cheng Ba Gua Zhang

Mr. Alex Gallifent


I began my Tai Chi practice in 2004 studying under Lindsay Jenkins of the Cotton hands Tai Chi school. I studied under Lindsay on a weekly basis for 3 years learning the Peking 24 step form, the Shi Ba Shi qigong set, the eight silk brocade qigong set and the Zhuan Zhuang standing postures. During this 3 year period I also studied Long fist Kung fu from Matt Williams of the ancestral mountains kung fu school (now learnkungfu.org) on a twice weekly basis reaching Orange belt.
I then moved to Devon in 2007 and continued my Tai chi practice under Tim Prescott of Tien Tien Tai Chi Chuan. From him I learned the simplified 24 step Tai chi form, the 42 step competition form and the 38 step Sun style Tai chi form. I studied with Tim on a weekly basis for about 2-3 years.

From 2007 to the present I have been studying Cheng style Baguazhang from Andy Coles of Earth and Ocean martial arts on a twice weekly basis. From him I have learned the eight main energy postures of the Cheng system as well as the eight main palm changes. I have also been taught the swimming dragon form, the Bagua sword form and the Deer horn blades form. I have been complimenting this practice with the home study of the Bruce Frantzis Bagua mastery program.
I have also learned the Xing Yi Quan (Shanxi style) 5 element fist form from Andy Coles.

In March 2010 I attended a week long intensive Tai Chi training event in Brighton where I learned internal components of Tai Chi from Bruce Frantzis of Energy Arts.
In 2010/2011 I studied the Cheng Man Ching short form under Ranald Macdonald.
In 2011 I attended and passed a Sun style level two instructor training course under Faye Yip of Deyin Tai Chi Chuan. This course qualifies me to teach the 38 step Sun style Tai Chi form.
At the same time I started an 18 month Tai Chi instructor course with Tai Chi nation, which I passed with a distinction. The course qualifies me to teach the 24 step compact Tai Chi form, the Shi Ba Shi qigong set and Daoyin practices.
I have also studied Dragon and Tiger Qigong with Mike Turner of Better Health Tai Chi.

As well as the above I also practice the 88 step Yang Tai Chi Form, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Kung, the Wu style Tai Chi short form and Taoist and Zen meditation.

2013 April, being granted recognition and certified by Mr.Andy Coles to be an instructor of Cheng Ba Gua Zhang

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