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Ba Gua Zhang


Alex and Theresa Gallifent.
North Devon is very fortunate to have an opportunity to learn the rare art of Baguazhang through such an authentic teacher as Andy Coles.
Having moved to the area two years ago we had long sought to learn Bagua as a compliment to our Tai chi and Kung fu practice. Stunned to find a local class we quickly joined and have been going twice weekly ever since.
The class is always exciting and varied covering topics such as form, posture and martial applications.
We are delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Andy who is an extremely knowledgable and welcoming teacher.
Baguazhang is now our primary martial practice though of course we still have a lot to learn.

Jamie Sollis
I suffer from a form of Arthritus called Anklosing spondylitus which causes the joints of my body to fuse together.
Whilst taking my son to Mr Coles children's class, I mentioned my condition and he offered his help! He never once said it was a miracle cure but felt I could benefit.
He taught me the 8 basic palm postures of Baguazhang, These postures which I do daily are helping my movement, due to this I have been discharged from physiotherapy care as I have found something that is physically helping my condition but also because I am trying to take charge of my condition.
I would recommend anyone with the same condition to try Baguazhang. 


Paul wedlake.
I have known Andy on and off for approximately 10 years doing various Martial Arts, his willingness to pass on knowledge is excellent this covers all age groups, his classes are eagerly awaited and he treats all students with respect no matter what there degree or Knowledge.Ba gua zhang is different and yes it is a challenge and another way at looking at martial arts, but with Andy Coles it has been fulfilling, exciting but mostly and importantly fun as all sports should be!

EOMA freestyle martial art

Jamie Sollis's son
My son started EOMA a year ago, his behaviour, confidence and ability to deal with negative behaviour from other children has greatly improved.
He gets to be active and have fun, whilst I am happy he is learning good moral values for the future from Mr Coles. He looks forward to going to his classes every week, Mr Coles is a patient and highly skilled instructor and I would recommend any parents to enrol their children.

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