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Myself at Dong Hai Chuan Tomb the founder of BaGuaZhang

"move like a dragon; Swing about like a monkey; and Change postures like an eagle. Make steps as if you are wading mud; Twist both hands as if you are twisting a rope; and Turn about as if you are turning a stone mill."

This is Baguazhang, according to the masters of this great art.

Named after the mystic Eight Diagrams (Ba Gua), an ancient system of divination, Baguazhang is a martial art that employs subtle movement, explosive power and a unique form of manoeuvring. Unlike many other martial art systems, Baguazhang uses the palms rather than the fists. Its attacks and defences are based on remarkable circular stepping method called Tangnibu or "mud wading steps" in which the performer uses few kicks but rather, twists, turns and changes directions, constantly seeking a strategic advantage.

But Baguazhang is more than just a martial art. Its elegant and balletic yet powerful forms build strength, coordination and flexibility, while its traditional postures and exercises enhance Nei Gong (inner strength)
(Quote taken from Mr Liu Jing Ru & Mr C.S. Tang's book - dragon stretches its claws)

The main essence and practice of Cheng Baguazhang is walking the circumference of an imaginary circle, whilst performing Ding Shi Zhang 'eight basic palms' this is an exercise to develop internal strength 'Nei Gong', Ba Da Zhang '8 main palms' the basic routines and forms of Bagua, these forms use all the basic skills for opening and closing all of the joints as well as the skills for combat. After studying the basic forms and exercises we move onto more complicated forms such as Lian Huan Zhang 'swimming body palm'.

Bagua has many external and internal benefits.
The constant practice of circle walking, spiraling, twisting, turning, bending, moving the waist etc, results in an effective exercise for the:-

joints, tendons, sinews & muscles,

it helps regulate blood pressure,

massages acupressure points,

effects the lymphatic glands,

opens the meridian lines/channels sending vital Qi to all areas of the body,

improves general health and vitality,

focuses the mind (i.e. moving meditation) .

Bagua is not only a healing art, it is also a very practical martial art for self-defence.

It is interesting that most of the old Bagua practitioners lived to very old ages, those who weren't killed in the 'boxer rebellion' that is!

Baguazhang is also known for practicing with many different weapons such as the deer horn blades, judge pens, ring daggers, single pointed spear, double ended pointed spear, poles, horse whip, it is more famous for the use of extremely large weapons, such as the BaGuaDao or 'Bagua Broadsword', Bagua Jian 'straight sword'

Bagua is suitable for all ages and abilities.



Mr Liu Jing Ru is one of the top authorities and lineage master of Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang in the World.

My Shifu (master) Mr Xiang Zheng is the Vice Secretary General of the National BaGuaZhang Committee and disciple of Mr Liu.

I am a lineage teacher of Cheng Style BaGuaZhang, member of the Beijing Wushu Association Bagua Zhang Research Institute, licensed by the China Gymnastic and Athletics Association and the first UK and foreign disciple of Mr Xiang Zheng.

Founders of BaGuaZhang and Cheng style.

Dong hai Chuan

Ba Gua Zhang - The youngest of the 3 main Chinese internal Martial arts, was created by Grandmaster Dong Hai Chuan (1799-1882), born in Zhu Jia Wu of Wen'an County in He Bei Province.

Baguazhang was popularised in Beijing whilst Dong Hai Chuan was working in Prince Su mansion during the late Qing dynasty. It became very popular with royalty at this time! It spread throughout Beijing and into Tianjin, He Bei province and eventually across the whole country. It greatly influenced the whole field of martial arts and was very popular amongst the practitioners.

 Dong Hai Chuan had travelled all over China and was believed to have studied Taoist concepts and theories from the I-Qing (Taoist book of changes) he used these concepts and training methods and created Baguazhang.


Dong was said to have accepted over 50 disciples, all of which were already accomplished masters in their own martial arts, some even challenged Dong Hai Chuan to fight to prove their skills but none could beat him.

The three main disciples from which the most popular styles of baguazhang were created are called Cheng Ting Hua, Yin Fu and Liang Zhen Pu. Each of the masters had different styles and forms but they all used the same theories and concepts as taught by Dong Hai Chuan.

Cheng Ting Hua

Cheng Ting Hua (1848 - 1900) was from Cheng village, Hebei Province. He was an eyeglass maker by trade, He moved to Beijing to open a spectacles shop hence he was commonly known as 'Spectacles Cheng'. He studied under various schools of Chinese Boxing and was particularly skilled at Chinese Shuai Jiao (wrestling), for a Hobby he studied Chin Na (joint locks and holds)  Cheng Ting Hua is the founder of the "Cheng" style Baguazhang.
It is said that many famous fighters challenged Cheng but as with Dong Hai Chuan no one could defeat him. Cheng had an impulsive nature. He was short but strong. In all his fights, he was known to use the 'Single Pounding Palm' and was always successful in throwing his opponents in a single movement. He was also known for his fluid 'Dragon Claw'.
In July 1900 foreign troops entered Beijing looting, raping, and other acts of barbarism. Master Cheng was so angry that he resolved to take vengeance on the foreign devils. At the sight of a dozen or so foreign soldiers, he set forth to meet them with only two daggers. His pupils tried to stop him, but couldn't. It was later found that Cheng single-handedly killed ten or more soldiers, but died of multiple bullet wounds during the struggle.
Cheng had two sons. The elder, Cheng Yulung (1875-1928) was also a master of Baguazhang, and was responsible for spreading the art in Beijing and Tianjin.

The Development of Ba Gua Zhang
in modern history

In September 1980, the first national Chinese Martial Arts Club organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport was founded in Dong Cheng district. A secondary group member of the Chinese Wushu Association, the Ba Gua Zhang Research Institute was founded in 1982.

The foundation has over 900 members nationwide.

In 2002 the Institute was chosen as one of the "Outstanding Organizations" of the Beijing Wushu Association.

They have regularly held annual baguazhang competitions since 2001.

My shifu Mr Xiang Zheng is the Vice secretary general of the Ba Gua Zhang Research Institute and this year (Jan 2009) I have been invited to join as a member.

Ba Gua Zhang is now growing in popularity due to its health giving properties and has spread into many foreign countries such as England, United States, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.
Mr Liu Jing Ru is the number one authoritive figure for Cheng Baguzhang

This was given to me by my shifu Mr Xiang Zheng
when i first started training with him back in November 2005

Mr Xiang Zheng (pronounced she-ang Jung)

Wushu is the Chinese cultural heritage. It has the strong folk characters, and very abundant content. The eight diagram boxing and imitation boxing are one of the most famous fists in the martial arts circles. Since generation, it was very favourable and extends spreads among the public. Practising the eight diagram boxing and imitation boxing can improve the people's health, self-protection, promoting longevity and also can perform as the sports item as a kind of competition. Its advantage is simply fantastic.

At present, it is well known by the overseas friends and many of them are studying it enthusiastically. Some domestic outstanding coaches teach the eight diagram boxing and imitation boxing abroad. A lot of overseas friends participate in the international Wushu match and make excellent achievements in this sports item.

I began to study the eight diagram boxing and imitation boxing at 13 years old followed Mr Li Yong, the old teacher of martial arts circles. And then learn from Mr Liu Jing Ru, national famous Wushu teacher, after Mr Li passed away. With more than ten years' study and diligently training, I was appreciated by Mr Liu and he taught me all that he knew. I got thoroughly familiar about these skills, and grasped the overall technological characteristics and practice method.

I began to teach students in 1982. In 1986, I was invited as the coach of the Eight Diagrams Boxing by the Physical Culture and Sports Commission.

Over 800 students was taught by me during the past 20 years. Among them, 35 people took me as their master formally.

I was elected as the vice-president of the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Wushu association, and the member of the Eight Diagram Boxing Associations committee.

I got the certificate of the 2nd class national referee in 1994, and got the certification of national senior Wushu coach in 1998. In year 2002, I got level 6 certification of national Wushu class, and this year I will apply for level 7.

With over 20 years teaching experience, I lead my students to join all kinds of competition of Beijing and whole country since 1992 and with honours back every time. Every year we got up to 7 to 8 silver and gold medals, at most it could reach to 13 items. The great achievement excited the students' training enthusiasm and I received the commendation and attention of the leader.

I received the invitations to teach Wushu from USA, Indonesia, Singapore, and Bangladesh since 1996.

In 1999, I participated in writing and publishing;the Eight Diagrams boxing; with Mr.Liu. And with the direction and help of Mr.Liu, we wrote and published;Mr Cheng's Eight Diagram Boxing; in 2003.

My wish in heart is to inherit, popularize out, and develop this Chinese martial rarity, The Eight Diagram Boxing and Imitation Boxing. Let more people at home and abroad know them, study them, practice them, and erect the gold bridge of friendship with every friend with my skills.

In December 2008 Mr Xiang Zheng was appointed as Vice Secretary General of National BaGuaZhang Committee.

Myself Andrew Coles-
Disciple of Liu Jing Ru's Cheng BaGuaZhang and Founder of Earth Ocean Martial arts.


I started studying martial arts in 1986 at the age of 16,
Since starting my journey in the martial arts I have studied various different styles, some for just a few lessons others for several months or years, these include Karate (Shoto-ryu, Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Kenpo), Tai Chi, Tae kwon do (TAGB, freestyle), Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai kick boxing, Ba gua zhang (pronounced baa gwa jang), Sanda Chinese kick boxing, Wing Chun, Bu Di Zhen kung fu and Xing Yi Quan (pronounced shing ee chew'ann).

The following are the main styles studied in order of practice, grades achieved or time practised continuously if no grades were given and where the classes were held:-
Bideford, North Devon- Yang style Tai Chi 6 years,
Bideford, North Devon- Shoto-ryu karate kai, 1st degree Black belt,
Torquay, South Devon- Muay Thai kick boxing over a 2 year span,
Torquay, South Devon- Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Yellow belt (8th Kup)
Bideford, North Devon- TAGB Tae kwon do Red stripe (3rd Kup)
Barnstaple, North Devon- Free style Tae kwon do 2nd Dan, Kick fit Tae Kwon do 2nd Dan,
San Francisco, USA- certificate for teaching Tae geri kick boxing

November 2005 to Present day
Beijing, China- Cheng Ba Gua Zhang, licensed by the people's republic of china gymnastic & athletics association (the governing body for all sports and recreational activities which includes Wushu- Kung Fu). Being awarded 2nd level instructorship 22nd January 2007

Beijing 2006 march- Accepted by my Shifu as his first foreign disciple of Mr Liu Jing Ru's Cheng Ba Gua Zhang.

January 2007- began teaching Cheng Ba Gua Zhang in Northam & Barnstaple, UK
January 2007- began teaching Earth & Ocean Martial Arts (My own creation and style) in Northam & Barnstaple, UK

May 2009 becoming a member of the Beijing Wushu Association, Baguazhang Research Institute.

June 2011 return to Beijing to learn Shanxi style Xing Yi Quan & develop a deeper understanding of BaGuaZhang

Member of the Beijing wushu association BaGuaZhang research institute

My Ba Gua Zhang Lineage
In March 2006 i attended a bai shi shi, (a formal ceremony to be accepted as Mr Xiang Zheng's first foreign disciple). This means that i am the 1st official UK teacher of Cheng style BaGuaZhang
My commitment to my Shifu (Master) and Mr Liu Jing Ru, is to teach, raise awareness & spread the benefits of BaGuaZhang.
I return every year to Beijing China to develop my knowledge and skills in BaGua with the help of my Shifu!

The below picture is my family tree which goes back to the founder of Baguazhang.

Click on picture to enlarge

Cheng BaGuaZhang lineage

Also I have created my own style called Earth Ocean Martial Arts, which encompasses skills taken from the martial arts that I have studied.

Click here for earth ocean martial arts details


Mr.C UK 07570808806